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Microsoft Changes Windows 10 Upgrade to Recommended

Microsoft continues to push really hard to upgrade users to Windows 10, and this new step is likely to catch out many that have been putting off the upgrade. Microsoft’s Windows 10 is switching its status from Optional to Recommended.

Google Panda 4.2 is Rolling Out, But Slowly

Well, here it is, and hardly anyone noticed. Google Panda 4.2 was officially announced as starting to roll out from July 18, 2015, and this one’s going to be different. Google said it was going to take weeks to process

Google Mobile Friendly Update News

I mentioned in the last posts about the Google Mobile Friendly update coming on April 21. Well, it came and it went, and the impact has been mixed, but not as devastating as some had predicted. You may have seen

Google and Mobile Friendly SERPs – What You Need To Know

In just 30-days we’re about to find out what impact Google’s new mobile algorithm will have on the smartphone/mobile SERPs. It has already been described by a Google employee that it’s have a greater impact than Google’s Panda or Google’s

News Press Release Sites Hit By Google’s Panda 4.0 Update

News and press release distribution sites were hit badly since Google’s Panda 4.0 slapped the industry. Panda 4.0 is aimed at low quality content, and thereby sites with a predominance of the content. Since the distribution of press releases became

New dot uk Domains Are Here: Register Yours Today

We reported on the new dot uk domains coming in the Summer of 2014. Well, the new domains are now here and ready for registration. Nominet explained the domain was launched to give UK sites a shorter, snapper domain, to

E.U. Legislation: Post-Sale Call Charges, and Pre-Selected Web Forms Now Banned From June 13, 2014

This June will see the the introduction in the E.U. of legislation where business will have to provide consumers with a post-sale customer services with a basic-rate telephone number. No longer will business be allowed to charge consumers on premium

Your Email Is Under Constant Attack

There’s always a good time to remind us all to be vigilant against the threat of a computer virus getting onto your machine, and worse still, if it starts to do its evil work. I’m sure you are vigilant, but