Google and Mobile Friendly SERPs – What You Need To Know

In just 30-days we’re about to find out what impact Google’s new mobile algorithm will have on the smartphone/mobile SERPs.

It has already been described by a Google employee that it’s have a greater impact than Google’s Panda or Google’s Penguin updates.

Trying to get to the bottom of that statement is less clear.

Perhaps the statement was taken out of context and it refers solely to smartphone/mobile SERPs. I have no doubt that it will shake up mobile SERPs significantly.

If you want to see what impact it is likely to see on your own site in the mobile SERPs, it’s quite easy. Using your mobile phone, do a search on Google and look at the SERPs. What you’ll see is the SERPs, as expected, with the addition of “Mobile-friendly” in front of the description. If you don’t see “Mobile friendly” I predict that entry is quite likely to disappear from the mobile SERPs as you see it today.

Google has been talking about the importance of mobile for a few years now, and this new initiative started with a vengeance in January with e-mails sent out to sites that it assessed as not mobile friendly.

Some might argue that the deadline of April 21st for the switch in mobile SERPs is inadequate time to update a site. That’s a fair point, but not the end of the world.

If you haven’t planned, or instigated a mobile-friendly update then there’s still time to get on with it. If you haven’t completed it by Google’s deadline, you should carry on and update as soon as you can. Google will, i’m sure, be re-visiting sites, and re-indexing them as soon as the mobile-friendly site is up and running. It’s impossible to be certain about the time scale for re-indexing, but Googlebot is always hungry for new pages. Feed the spider as soon as you can.


I hope that’s helped clarify some of the questions i’ve been asked.