Google Mobile Friendly Update News

I mentioned in the last posts about the Google Mobile Friendly update coming on April 21. Well, it came and it went, and the impact has been mixed, but not as devastating as some had predicted.

You may have seen this: #mobilegeddon was the hashtag used by many (not me).  I was getting the usual e-mail spam from so-called SEO companies using scare tactics to fool the uninitiated into investing in them, and to save their web site from oblivion. The whole message in their spam was a scare tactic, but many would believe it, i’m sure.

In the end, now we’ve had a few days of assessment, the impact does not seem to have been as great as many expected. Even Google has played it down.

What have I seen? Sites that are mobile friendly appear unaffected by any demotion, or promotion. What has happened to non-mobile-friendly sites is a slight drop in ranking: Sometimes only one or two, and the mobile-friendly sites appear to have moved to take the place.

Google has said that the non-mobile-friendly site may not be impacted too greatly if it’s the most relevant site. That’s reassuring for some, but you have to see it to believe it as every site is going to be different.

I’m sure there’s going to be more impact to come as the mobile-friendly algo continues to roll out, and that sites, as they update and become mobile-friendly, move back up or down in the SERPs.

Plus, of course, all the usual Google changes going on every month.

How’s your site doing?