Google Panda Update News

Many site owners and webmasters are on tenterhooks right now as the long-awaited Google Panda update is processed by the company.

Originally released at the beginning of 2011 to hit the rankings of “thin content” sites, it’s first incarnation took no prisoners, and appeared to be quite aggressive. Many sites not seen as having thin content were hit, and since then each and every webmasters has either moved on, or await release from the Pandamonium caused. Further updates came frequently throughout the coming months, until Google decided, back in March 2013, to integrate Panda into the regular algorithms updates.

Since then, the Google Panda roll-out seems to have been less frequent, but also impacted with less attrition. Perhaps that appearance of less of an impact is the result of the majority of “thin content sites” already being relegated. At the time of writing, the last Google Panda update was back in September 2014.

With that, many questions are asked about the next update, and whether the current stability is a good thing. If you’re site has been hit by Google Panda, should you just accept it an move on, or is the next update going to hit many additional sites?


Either way, a refresh appears to be on the cards any day now, as stated by at least one Google employee, and we’ll soon know about the winners and losers.