Google to Extend Mobile Site Friendliness as a Ranking Signal

Google has just announced that a mobile-friendly site is likely to do better in the mobile SERPs from April 21, 2015. For some years Google and Bing have been pushing webmasters to get their sites mobile friendly. I spent some time discussing this with Google’s Pierre Far a short while back, and it’s no surprise that the announcement from Google is here.

This simply means that your web site ought to be mobile friendly, or you’re likely to lose your ranking in the smartphone SERPs.

There’s no doubt that mobile traffic has been growing for many years now. Just about everyone in the developed world now has a smartphone or tablet computer of some sort. That means your site ought to meet the demands of a small-screen device, such a smartphone or tablet, as well as a larger-format desktop computer screen. If your site is not mobile-friendly you could be missing out on sales and marketing opportunities.

Do you want to know more information on this, or to get your site checked out for mobile friendliness, give us a call.