News Press Release Sites Hit By Google’s Panda 4.0 Update

News and press release distribution sites were hit badly since Google’s Panda 4.0 slapped the industry.
Panda 4.0 is aimed at low quality content, and thereby sites with a predominance of the content.

Since the distribution of press releases became popular through news distribution sites, such as Businesswire, PRNewswire, PRWeb, etc., many businesses and agencies were issuing news through their favourite service at a pretty fast rate. Many copycat sites sprang up to enable distribution of news for free.
Clearly, Google decided that news release distribution had all gone too far and that the distribution of news releases was going to get the same attention as many other types of services had received over the years.
One of the bigger news distribution services was badly hit in the last few weeks and its traffic declined significantly. It’s since hit back by announcing new quality standards, and to end questionable SEO tactics in news releases. It’s also going to the trouble of removing any news releases it feels are of low quality.
Marshall Jennings being a specialist, and having been involved in developing and distributing quality news releases for clients, we’ve always been well aware over the questionable quality of some news. We feel quite strongly that any news release of weak and “questionable quality” has never been good for the target audience, nor the client, or any intermediary, such as a news wire service.
If you’re in any doubt over your news release development, speak to the experts and benefit from the advice and extensive experience of the experts at Marshall Jennings, as it’s now even more important to ensure that the news is of good quality, and is well targeted.